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Our Team

Alix Bernard is a former fabricator turned artist. His work is on display at Joe’s and consists of watercolors, colored pencils, graphite, and his latest creations of scrimshaw & bone carvings.  Alix also creates kiln-fired glass work using recycled wine and liquor bottles. His love of creating is hereditary. His great-grandfather was a tinsmith, his grandfather a tailor and his father could literally create anything out of any materials available.

Mary Bernard finally gets to put to use all her years of wine tastings. Although she enjoys reading, she really enjoys selecting wines for the store. She is the mother of two boys, Hogan and Brannon, who happen to have four legs, rather than two.

Becky Hendrich is a book lover who has a reading list she will never finish. She is also a firm believer in dance breaks and laughter.

Patty Jones has always loved to read and dreamed of working in a bookstore. Joe’s Place is so much more than she ever imagined, and she feels truly blessed to be a part of this amazing place.